About Us

About AKC

 Anwar Khawaja Composites (AKC) was founded in 2011; it is a joint venture between two world-renowned organisations. Anwar Khawaja Industry PVT (AKI) and Grays of Cambridge LTD GOC.

 Anwar Khawaja Industry (AKI) is the leading football manufacturer in Pakistan, providing quality footballs since 1950s across the globe. AKI is currently producing over 4 million footballs per year and its footballs are being played in German Football league.

 Grays of Cambridge started manufacturing field hockey sticks since the 1860s, it has its roots in England and it shifted its hockey production in Pakistan in the 1970s. Up until now, it is producing high quality goods across the Globe.

 AKC initiated its business activities in May 2011.

 AKC has team of 450 + employees consisting of composite engineers, CNC lab specialists, lean manufacturing engineers and other staff.

 AKC is providing his best services and sports goods to worlds best customers like Adidas, Gryphon, Grays, Reece, Brabo, TK Hockey.

 Due to a rising demand of face masks worldwide, we took the initiative and after an intensive research and development, AKC has developed KN 95 Mask, Surgical Masks, Body suits, Face shields. We proud ourselves for making the finest quality COVID-19 protection equipment using best materials.

Our Vision

“ AKC vision is to be the industry leader in sports goods manufacturing through setting industry standards for excellence in the services we provide.

We will constantly be tuned to our customers needs through our flexibility, innovation and commitment to outstanding customer service. “